DATE    2013

WEBSITE    Design Jam 2

brief_icon_60 BRIEF

“Connected Objects as Shopping Media” was the design challenge of Design Jam 2 Milan, organised by THINGS and supported by Frontiers of Interaction and Talent Garden Milano. Aim of the workshop was to design an interactive object that would allow people to do online shopping at home.


Design Jams are one or two day design sessions, during which people team up to tackle engaging User Experience (UX) challenges, facilitated by the explorative and collective modalities of the workshop.


One-day workshop design session where our professionals explored with 37 participants the UX field, driving them into the IoT vision and leading to 7 unique and innovative projects.


The workshop was conducted in the beautiful and lively Talent Garden venue in Milan.


Jointly with the participants we dived into research, design and activities to discover and shape the future evolutions of e-commerce, leaving the participants with many innovative ideas for real projects.


Each workshop has its own goals and strategies. Here’s the discovery day we organized for Design Jam to explore the opportunities of Connected Objects as Shopping Media and come up with a series of innovative designs.


Some pictures of our Design Jam workshop and the awesome people we met.

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