CLIENT    Macpresse Europa

DATE    2014


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

One of the biggest players in the baling industry had the need to renew their way to communicate with clients, starting from printed materials to showrooms. To empower the business capabilities of their participation at different fairs worldwide, we also developed with MACPRESSE a Business Contact Tool merging the data from all the sales assistants worldwide offering a useful tool to plan & track contracts development in time.


We worked on the improvement of Macpresse’s communication using infographics and new data visualizations, to make information about their products easy to understand and more attractive.


Showrooms design, Business Contact Tool concept design, Business Contact Tool UX/IxD/UI/visual design, brochures and other printed material design.


With several improvements to the website, our main contribution sits in Macpresse’s signage, printed materials and showrooms design and supervision for fairs all over the world.


Other than improving Macpresse’s printed communication, with the Business Contact Tool (in development) we aim at improving the processes behind the management of new contacts and the success rate of negotiations with new clients.


How we shaped the ecosystem of Macpresse in a unique User Experience.


Some examples of our methodology and the deliverables for our clients.

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