CLIENT    Nike

DATE    2013


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

A design workshop with NIKE Italy where we explored innovative ways for in-store 
customer engagement, through a research process, idea generation and fast prototyping.


As a great way to explore the state of the art and future developments of technologies and techniques of in-store engagement, we conducted an Innovation Workshop with NIKE Italy.


We organized for NIKE Italy a two days long Innovation Workshop where we practically explored with the client new technologies and techniques of engagement, developing the selected ideas and conceiving a final prototype to be introduced in retailers.


The two-days workshop was conducted at 10 WATT, event location in Milan, Italy.


The workshop aimed at designing an in-store interactive object/installation to engage people with the products offered in a new way and with a high value in terms of innovation.


Each workshop has its own goals and strategies. Here’s the one we organized for NIKE Italy to explore in-store engagement and come up with some final selected designs.


Some images of the workshop and the process we followed.

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