CLIENT    Cloud Park S.r.l

DATE    2014


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

PARKEY is a mobile app that allows you to easily look for parking, access and pay at local garages. PARKEY is also an enterprise parking management system. PARKEY is fully integrable with both automated and manual parking area entrance-systems. The service has been launched in Milan and plans to launch in other european cities.


Parkey is the mobile app to find, enter, pay and exit from parking areas all around Milan.


Development of brand identity, UX ecosystem, IxD design, UI & visual design, video design, printed material design and interactive totem design.


Parking areas of the Parkey network in Milan (other european cities to follow).


Parkey allow drivers to find the best parking area for them and experience automated easy access where they can open the entrance bar and pay with just a tap on the app.


How we shaped the ecosystem of Parkey integrating digital and physical in a unique User Experience.


Some examples of our methodology and the deliverables for our clients.

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