CLIENT    pharmaceuticals

DATE    2013 – present


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

RePOKE is a personal device that helps people remember to take their medication during the day. It is a physical reminder that displays advice and notifications through icons, sounds and vibrations. RePOKE also works as a messaging system, allowing users to receive pokes from the doctor or from relatives, supporting their daily activities.


RePOKE is a portable connected gadget that helps people with medical conditions to follow their prescriptions through a nice interaction, also allowing for constant supervision from doctors or relatives of the patient.


Naming and development of brand identity, design concept, UX ecosystem and product design.


RePOKE is meant to be carried by the users wherever they go in their pockets or bags. It could also be placed in stand position on a plane surface for domestic use, depending on the user’s needs.


RePOKE can greatly help people to follow both short and long treatments, efficiently reminding them when to take pills or follow instructions without invading patient’s personal space and everyday life.


How we shaped the ecosystem of RePOKE integrating digital and physical in a unique User Experience.


Some examples of our methodology and the deliverables for our clients.

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