DATE    2015


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

Fast growing and successful platform of intelligence to enrich and distribute contents creating a unique experience for users. THRON (previously NewVision) needed a new face to present themselves to the world after their re-brand, having us develop a whole new website designed to communicate to both marketing professionals and technicians.


The new website of THRON clearly makes stand out the advantages and the experience related to the use of using their digital product for content management, greatly improving communication and sales of the product.


Development of design concept, website IxD/UI/visual design, website development, design of Keynote & Powerpoint presentation templates.


This multilingual website has also located content, allowing for focused communication depending on the visitor’s country of origin.


THRON’s website is designed to successfully communicate to different targets of customers, both marketers and developers, guiding them through the advantages of the platform with infographics and videos (in production).


How we shaped the ecosystem of THRON in a unique User Experience.


Some examples of our methodology and the deliverables for our clients.

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