DATE    2014


brief_icon_60 BRIEF

Keyless, smart, geolocated, secure and durable. ULOCK is the connected lock for your bike that can be controlled by your smartphone. Just open and close it with a tap and forget your keys forever! ULOCK has been officially launched at IFA Berlin 2014.


Ulock is a lock for bikes that doesn’t require any physical key. Simply connect to it through the Ulock app using Bluetooth Low Energy connection and use it as you wish.


Naming and development of brand identity, design concept, UX ecosystem, product design, package design, mobile app IxD/UI/visual design, website IxD/UI/visual design, printed material design and interactive totem design.


Ulock can be used anywhere a lock would be useful, and with the geolocation you always know where it has been locked last and how to get to it fast.


Not needing physical keys Ulock solves all of the related problems like losing them or theft, it also introduces new behaviours like the share of the access to locked objects with others and the proximity auto-unlock, that improve user’s experience.


How we shaped the ecosystem of Ulock integrating digital and physical in a unique User Experience.


Some examples of our methodology and the deliverables for our clients.

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