That’s the increase of cyber attacks against hospitals since the beginning of this COVID-19 crisis.

The Internet of Things will make things much worse: there will be much more devices connected, most of them with little – if any – cyber defense. Furthermore, to speed up the launch of new products, many companies cut corners when it comes to the security of their products and services. 

And even when they don’t, many SMEs and startups simply do not have the budget or knowledge to develop a sound and comprehensive security methodology. The end result is the same: systems inherently susceptible to compromise. Attacks are very costly: according to Accenture, the average expense of a malware attack is $2.6 Million 

To solve this problem, we developed b.safe, a connected solution that will help companies and individuals to protect their assets.

Enforce failure conditions to be reached and understand implications as we need to know where and how devices can be compromised

Protect user privacy in AI-based solutions as data can be misused by non-trusted parties

Automatically patch to avoid failure conditions to be reached so that devices will be ”immune” to that specific vulnerability














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