Happy to take the opportunity to meet MakeItApp, a broad community of mobile app designers and developers based in Italy. THINGS has been invited to speak in their recurring meet up that had been dedicated for the occasion to IoT Design. We spoke about the design of products and services for the IoT and how the magical combination of physical and digital elements is affecting the design of evolved mobile experiences.

The main and most engaging discussion was about the way apps can be experienced contextually with the synchronisation of the environment around the user.

We talked about the new way to conceive information architecture and mobile navigation through these evolutive app scenarios. The core of the speech was that information and features on the app have to come up proactively based on proximity of specific contextual conditions. Now mobile apps are becoming proactive and predictive.

MakeItApp is a mobile platform with a smart business model in which common people can ideate mobile apps together with designers and developers. These creative and proactive ideators can send their proposals to the professional community through an appealing online platform, build their team with the best talents and being supported in the app development. After the market delivery of the app, the staff of MakeItApp take care of marketing and promotion activities to make popular the app.

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