As in the previous year, there were such great talks, interesting workshops and lot of felt enthusiasm for the Internet of Things. The true value of this event is actually in the topics and values that you can go through with the other participants, rarely expressed in such important conferences.
The first clear consideration which came up to my mind was the honesty and the constructive criticism that was part of every conversation involving speakers and attendants during talks, workshops, coffee and launch breaks. Even the general tone of conversation was pleasant, always ironical and sometimes provocative in regard to IoT believes, freely emphasizing all the cons and pros of popular smart products.
I would say that the ThingsCon event attracts the interest of attendants offering interpretations of IoT trends and features in a clear user-centric vision. We do believe this approach to be the only way you can take for good innovative thinking for products and services conceived in the vision of the IoT.
As for the previous year, the real and hard goal in the design of all these products is to identify simple but great values. If the professionals involved like designers and developers will be not successful in doing so, the prominent and expected third industrial revolution will be probably postponed.
It was also clear that the traditional debate between designers and developers is still a recurrent topic in this stage. It’s really important that both effectively collaborate for the success of IoT projects, with designers that have to keep on thinking about user behaviors and preferences, as well as developers focusing on the implementation of software and hardware features of products and services.
We believe that 2015 has the potential to be the right year to see a meaningful growth of IoT projects for consumers, with media currently accelerating the public debate about IoT so that the professionals involved have to cleverly address the market. Theirs is the responsibility to make the right calls, designing new or re-invented products and services, in order to come up with strong added values driven by human factors, in-depth research and common sense as well.
For all these reasons, during the ThingsCon event the first open design manifesto for IoT designers and developers has been published (#iotmanifesto, Here below you can find its 10 assumptions that THINGS, as a IoT design agency, totally supports:

I. we don’t believe the hype
II. we design useful things
III. we aim for the win-win-win
IV. we keep everyone and every thing secure
V. we build and promote a culture of privacy
VI. we are deliberate about what data we collect
VII. we make the parties associated with an IoT product explicit
VIII. we empower users to be the masters of their own domain
IX. we design things for their lifetime
X. in the end, we are human beings

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