Cities often hide interesting stories that inhabit what is seemingly and superficially an empty space. By participating in this interactive audio installation you could find out about interesting stories from the “In/visible Pula”.

Every container having a different wire connected to the sensor with a different audio output. Just 5 of them had a story to tell while others were connected with random sounds, so it was a double experience.

Children loved to play discovering sounds and playing with them while adults enjoyed discovering stories and learning something new.

The whole installation was realized with a nice design process alongside a collaboration with a maker (Lean Radolovic) who suddenly decided to code for our project. Pamela, the Ux designer and contact for the festival, has organized a brainstorming with the whole team and then after defining the concept and the flow of the interactions with them has collaborated with Lean within the realization of the installation.

The stories were a result of a long research for uncommon stories about Pula, then we wrote a small summary in english and registered our voices reading them.

The technical part was done with an Arduino solution that connected with sensors (capacitive touch sensor MPR121) ending in the water, every container had a different wire connected to the sensor with a different audio output. The change of the water consistency was taken as the trigger for the audio output feedback.


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