WonderBOX is the new project we want to bet on. It’s a sharing economy service for students with a twist for brands!

It enables its users to benefit from the sharing of private goods and to preview products of the most loved brands. The adoption of smart lockers ensures the safety and flexibility of the service, placing the exchange process in the areas of interest of students, without the need to share where they live. Through the WonderBOX app you can check the availability of goods, book them and pay for their use, as well as open and close the assigned locker ensuring the identity and traceability of users.

The service has two main stakeholders.

• Students who own products that they want to share to earn, and those who need to use goods that they don’t want to buy.

• Brands that want to collect opinions and feedbacks from students by providing a preview of their products for short periods of use.

For this project we teamed up with Umedia Srl as communication channel based on a vast italian university network, and with SCLAK Srl that is supporting the smart locker and app functionalities with its great IoT technical expertise.

If you think this sharing economy service can help the daily life of students, please vote the project on Edison Pulse and share.

It takes only a few minutes, help spread the sharing economy approach!

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