we accelerate the innovation process through idea generation & rapid prototyping

The best way to predict the future is to design it.

-Richard Buckminster Fuller

Product Innovation Lab

things.is a design led Product Innovation Lab for companies & start-ups

The Lab is a comprehensive & tested format to drive innovative projects with start-ups and companies. In the Lab design is on the lead, ensuring that every project follows a Human-Centred approach through Design Thinking methodology.

Thingscon Lab in Milan

focuses on product design & manufacturing as strong assets from Milan & Italy

ThingsCon Milan is an open event about the impact and potential of IoT in daily life, with a distinct focus on Designing for the Internet of Things. It is a place to share IoT product ideas, showcase prototypes, involve value chain stakeholders, network, ask questions and share best practices and learning in an informal and relaxed way. ThingsCon Milan is a series of community events part of the ThingsCon community started in Berlin and is being managed locally by THINGS Srl.

our instruments of progress


Innovation is great, but how do you monetize your new solution? IoT enables new disruptive ways to get the best out of your investment, we’ll help finding the right one for you.


Merging the experience of the Client with our multidisciplinary team, we envision design concepts to create innovative experiences.


IoT is being called the industrial revolution of our time, but technology is not all there is to it. Great design is the key and we’ll teach you how to harness its power.

planning to create a great physical-digital experience?