let's talk about our special ingredients.

T-LABs where
we boost innovation
practices into tangible


what does
T-LAB mean

A solid user centric design process enables us to create innovative products and meaningful experiences. The Lab is a comprehensive & tested format to drive innovative projects with start-ups and companies. In the Lab design is on the lead, ensuring that every project follows a Human-Centred approach through Design Thinking methodology.


our permanent & biggest T-LAB







team - UX strategist
- service designer
- experience designer
- interaction & visual designer
- industrial & interaction designer

1 2 3 4 5 6 months*

*is a minimum amount we spend working on projects

where we have T-LAB on demand of the project




- need

do you want to transform your products &
services in efficient way, reducing the technical
implementation risk?

- solution

Agile T-LAB is the successful solution for you!

why Agile T-LAB
is valuable?

agile & sprint

Agile T-LAB is the result of mixing up design thinking tools & methodologies with benefits of agile process to delivery any product or service.

Agile Experience Design relies on constant communication, collaboration, and feedback leading to product and service innovation from the business, end consumers and technology sides.

T-LAB is a format to Discover – Design – Deliver new valuable products.

key benefits

  • .01

    Adaptable to any

  • .02

    The high reduction
    of risks

  • .03

    Simplification of
    complex process

  • .04

    Acceleration of
    valuable solution

  • .05

    Strong anticipation
    of the feedback

team - UX strategist
- service designer
- experience designer
- interaction & visual designer

- Agile coach
- IoT architect
- technical specialist
- AI specialist

- HW and SW partners
- other partners

goal Envisioning activities will include ongoing projects related to the different product lines, and will have as their objective the definition of innovative user & customer experiences. It is important that these ongoing projects are analyzed and validated through a customer-centric perspective, with a strong hands-on and learn-by-doing component with the Client.

so, ready to bring agile
to your products & services?

We have a working ecosystem of more than 150 partners (Italian & international) from which we’ll involve the ones that add the greatest value to the project.

  • Hardware dev
  • Firmware dev
  • Software dev (back-end)
  • Software dev (front-end)