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industry 4.0


Organisation and animation of 1-2 days workshops, to understand Industry 4.0 and all its implications from both the technical and business point of view, or 1 week training diving deep into different use cases and technologies.


Raise awareness about the possibilities of 4.0.


Assessment and analysis of a specific company current status, identifications of gaps and formulation of possible solutions to shift towards 4.0. We provide an highly customised expertise where our know-how will be applied to the specifics of our client, understanding his current procedures, equipment and trends.


Show what can be done in practise to upgrade to 4.0


Management of the transformation from the current status to a fully 4.0 compliant solution. This will encompass all aspects: from choosing the best technological solutions to User Experience for both the people working inside the company and outside, as well as training for all people involved.


Transform a current industrial to 4.0

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