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2016 - current

Twinkly brings together vibrant and vivid addressable LEDs, an advanced Wi-Fi + Bluetooth controller, and a cutting-edge smartphone app, all designed to effortlessly create mesmerizing animations.

Moreover, Twinkly presents an extensive range of breathtaking effects that can be readily enjoyed and personalized. Providing a complete access to the FX gallery, where an ever-expanding collection of new animations can be downloaded at any time.

Starting out as a purely seasonal & Christmas-focused project in 2016, Twinkly has since evolved into a textbook example of a successful and ever-evolving IOT project, with millions of users using the product daily.


  • Branding
  • Visual design and infographics
  • UX/IxD/UI & development of the website, app & eShop
  • Design of the product packaging & development supervision
  • Design of the in-store showcase & development supervision
  • Print media design


  • Product Design Owner & Product Experience Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Visual & Interaction Designer

Scaling the addressable-LED technology and the premium designs from a Christmas-based market to the ever-growing market of Home Lighting, to large-scale lighting installations with Twinkly Pro, our goal has always been to push the envelope in the lighting sector, whether it is with excellent UX / UI design or with greater innovation and functionality.

Design process
Twinkly’s design process has always been centered around careful analysis and implementation of user-feedback, as well as the drive for a premium look and feel in both digital and physical product lines. Always striving to create the best user-experience possible, the Twinkly Application has been reviewed and revised based on user-research and tailored surveys, making all 1.5 million users part of the design process.

We have designed the Twinkly app to be full of distinctive features that empower you to apply and personalize effects, create your own designs, or even draw them using your finger. With the help of a unique mapping feature, the app optimizes the performance of Twinkly’s high-end addressable LEDs, ensuring you get the best out of them.

In addition, we have also meticulously designed the line of physical products for Twinkly, specifically focusing on creating product packages that effectively showcase the unique features and characteristics of each product. Our aim was to ensure that the packaging accurately represents the excellence and distinctive qualities of our products.

Melodies and Celebrations

The enchanting dance of vibrant LEDs sets the perfect stage for music-filled moments and electrifying parties. With the Twinkly app is possible to gain full control to create mesmerizing lighting effects that perfectly complement the mood of any event.

A true shooting star
Twinkly and its phenomenal products have been featured in numerous renowned magazines and publications worldwide. From living rooms to building facades, the Twinkly Experience can be scaled to incredible amounts, giving the magic lighting effects some of the biggest stages possible.

Celebrating Continuous Design Evolution
In conclusion, Twinkly has come a long way since its inception as a seasonal Christmas-focused project. It has evolved into a groundbreaking and ever-evolving IoT project, captivating millions of users worldwide with its mesmerizing animations and innovative technology. As we move forward, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

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