Boost THINGS up with us.
We create customizable
design processes based on
your needs.

We bring custom design
approach using right
agile & lean ingredients

We are experts in bringing together what’s tangible and virtual, to provide a seamless experience, no matter the kind and quantity of touchpoints.

  • Design for IoT
  • Design for AI
  • UX Design
  • Industrial design
  • Technical design
  • Communication design

What’s immaterial heavily influences all aspects of our daily lives, and that’s why it’s crucial to help businesses and companies create outstanding experiences or improve the already existing ones.

  • Design for AI
  • Design for VR
  • Service design
  • Interaction & Visual design
  • Custormer journey
  • User Validation
  • Prototyping
  • B2B platform

Your industry-specific knowledge with our design expertise can bring your ideas to the next level, generating unique and innovative concepts aligned with your goals.

  • Workshop
  • Concept, strategy
  • Business design

Innovation always starts from an idea; if you are a startup we can help you to rock the market. With our long experience in startup mentoring and acceleration we can give you the right structure and method to bring your ideas far.

  • Mentoring
  • Burger of Success