Well, a lot has happened this year, and as it comes to an end, we would like to wrap it up with a great success story and just in time for prolonging the Christmas mood!

We want to talk about Twinkly lights; our favourite entities for home decoration, going strong since 2016. It is still fresh in the memories when we worked on the first idea for an app screen, or prepared packaging for the first batch of 1000 products. Fast forward to this day, Twinkly has over 100,000 downloads in both App Store and Play Store, and selling a few hundred thousand products in a few weeks of the season seems like not a big deal anymore.

One thing might have to do with the fact that people are spending much more time inside their homes and with the families. But being the perfect product for so many, to ease into users lives and bringing them all the joys and colours to share with their families, hasn’t been an easy task.

82K followers now; would you look at that!

Today, Twinkly has become a truly instagrammable product. Influencers can’t stop talking about it and people who bought twinkly lights love showing off their creations. A simple fact is that the number of Twinkly’s followers on instagram has increased from about 15,000 to 82,000(when the article was written) in a matter of weeks. The reason lies in the great product quality that Twinkly has maintained over the years; giving off those amazing hues and colour reflections that are just too good to miss for a selfie moment. 

Every influencer’s favourite

Shine bright like a diamond.

But it goes beyond that, the other part of the success lies in the great experience on the application, which Twinkly has smoothened over time. That is what keeps the users happy and satisfied about their investment once the “Aha Moment” of being able to control the lights from your phone or draw-on your Christmas lights is over. New features are added frequently and the gallery is replenished with super cool light effects on a regular basis. Every little detail is defined keeping in mind how it might benefit the users, right now and in the coming days.

The star of the experience

This and then the many other collaborations Twinkly has established like the one with the gaming peripherals giant Razer, which brought the attention of the entire gaming industry on the Twinkly product lines. Or the upcoming integration with Apple Homekit and Homey which allows Twinkly lights to be a part of the larger smart home setups.

Looking at all these signs, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Twinkly has become a trend in the market this season. Whether you notice people making their christmas lights dance to the tune of Star Wars (thanks to Twinkly Music) or the fact that a million users are visiting the Twinkly website each month; it is clear enough that Twinkly is well on its way to becoming a trendsetter. 

What’s next?

But the story does’t end here. For Twinkly, this is merely the start of their journey to become a permanent part of their users’ home decorations, not just for festivities. They have been working on some very exciting projects for interior decorations and a bunch of cool new features to take their products to tastefully curated next levels. Tapping into the gaming industry this year was a part of one such larger plan.

Now we cannot give too many spoilers, but 2021 is going to be one hell of a year for Twinkly as it moves past all its checkpoints into the homes of users looking to add some more colours to their lives, around 16,000,00 to be precise.

With this, we would like to wrap up our 2020, wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now is the time to put our new baking skills to good use, which we all honed during the quarantine/isolation times. A dopo!