T-day 2020: great business results from our 2020’s kickoff meeting, in 2019 we confirmed our strong growth!

This year the context of our traditional “state of the union” meeting has been organized on the 21th of February at the inspirational and wonderful location of the MART on the feet of the Alpes of Trentino.

is currently hosting two permanent collections about the Invention of the Modern art which drove the Contemporary. With “The Collections”, the Mart explores over 150 years of history of Italian and international art. The greatest masterpieces of the museum collections are shown in a display that is strongly coherent with the architecture of Mario Botta.

The Mart confirms itself as a great educational machine, whose strengths are the dialogue with the general public and the quality of its cultural offerings. We do advise all of you to have a visit at the MART, it’s all worth it!

We analysed all the key facts from the last year 2019’s activities in order to point out pains and opportunities.

Here some of the key numbers and achievements we shared:

  1. 2019 has been confirmed as the year of our consolidated growth! Our income increased by about +23% from 2018.
  2. THINGS consolidated 15 full-time Thingers plus 2 part-time Thingers for 3.100+ days of work efforts only along 2019
  3. THINGS is strongly recognized as a human-centric design agency about IoT & pure digital products for consumers, 73% of our income come from PXD projects (43% for IoT products and 30% for purely digital products).
  4. Our 2019 track record includes: 27 active clients with 67 billable big and sub-projects.
  5. The most important projects were T-labs, 2 upon the top 5, with 3 end-to-end big projects in which we involved some of our highly-skilled technical partners.

During the last part of the meeting we set up the 9 challenges to reach out this year and we discussed all the prominent trends we need to consider during our design life of 2020.

  1. Brand Experience as focus on serving good PXD through mashing up of interdisciplinary design, product strategy, profitability, and product ownership.
  2. The importance to provide end-to-end activities to improve and guarantee high-end experience design.
  3. Sustain the MaaS experience in urban smart mobility scenarios of use.
  4. Take care of better health management of everyone only if we’re adopting smart healthcare products and services.
  5. Speakers like Goggle Home & Alexa are the primary home hub for more complete smart home systems.
  6. Embrace Speculative Design for the envision of near and far future of smart products and services.
  7. Sustain the integration of predictive algorithms and intelligent services (AI) to excel with Product experience design of innovative products.
  8. Voice User Interfaces (VUI) capabilities for high qualitative smart experiences and immediate and effective head-up interactions between people and devices.

..and after the serious activities, we celebrated our amazing results skiing the day after at Folgaria!