How we support citizens and businesses during the hard time of Covid-19

The emergency from COVID – 19 has increased the time we spend at home. Well, it is not easy to deal with stress and anxiety when you’re closed in the house all the time. We in THINGS want you to better handle these days of forced self-isolation, always be informed and raise the spirit. Our biggest concern now is making sure everyone stays healthy and safe. That is why we have decided to take up the challenge launched by the Ministry for Technology Innovation and Digitalization. The challenge was to offer free online information and prevention services for citizens and businesses.

With the objective to raise the spirit, we launched the website in collaboration with Purple Soft and Capsula, an interactive booth for self check-ups. It is a web-app that allows people to discover various lifestyle tips. The tips explain how to deal with these tough days of self-isolation in the best way possible.

The heart of the website is the podcast collection made by Daniela Lucini, Professor of Medicine at the University of Milan. She is the voice and the author of all “capsules”. These podcasts provide useful information under categories such as alimentation, physical activity, prevention, sleep and stress.

Have a look a this audio example:

Visit to explore more podcasts.

We encourage all the citizens around the world to use only reliable sources to learn about coronavirus such as For the Italian citizens, we also add to the list &

Stay safe and take care of others. Everything will be alright.