How innovation helps the world to win the fight against COVID-19

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is redrawing the balance of the world. Not only economically, but also, and above all, health-wise. It is drawing attention to gaps that cannot always be filled quickly and effectively.

Being pioneers in IoT, here in THINGS, we decided to explore the best practices of using innovation to overcome this crisis.

Big brother is watching you


Thanks to Big Data applications, the Chinese government has intensified its sophisticated surveillance system. It boasts over 200 million security cameras installed throughout the country! The system enforces quarantine for infected patients. It maps the movements of the virus with the assistance of facial recognition.

The facial recognition has proven to be efficient before – it is used since 2014 to enhance the shopping experience across the country. What’s more, these intelligent cameras are also able to perform a real-time thermal scan to detect any cases of fever.

Smarter, better, faster

96% in 20 seconds – an accuracy rate of a new diagnosis system by Alibaba.

Alibaba Damo Academy (a spin-off of Alibaba dedicated to research), has announced to have developed a new system of diagnosis. It is based on artificial intelligence that is able to detect the infected. The system uses computerized tomographic scans (that is TAC) with an accuracy rate of up to 96% in just 20 seconds.

Sound and light alarms on helmet are triggered when anyone near has a body temperature above 37.3 C. Source: China News Service

Another application of AI-powered technology is Chengdu city police initiative. Their forces have been equipped with intelligent helmets that can measure anyone’s temperature within a 5 – meters radius.

South Korea’s perfect plan

It is also important to mention South Korea. The country has the experience in the fight against the Mers epidemic of 2015. As a result, they have acted quickly by seeking the collaboration of state agencies, private laboratories and production companies.

Corona 100m, a coronavirus app available in South Korea. Source: CNN

They have succeeded in setting up an effective system in a short time :

  1. Mobile test stations,
  2. Visits to homes,
  3. Roadside control points,
  4. Helping to stop the contagion effectively.

And what about Italy?

A group of economists and scientists have already proposed to replicate the Korean model by designing a Covid19 SM App. It can assess the risk of virus transmission by monitoring anyone who is positive. In other words, it helps citizens to identify their location in relation to infected people. For this to happen, we need certain conditions:

  1. More tests;
  2. Localizing in real-time all the asymptomatic people not tested;
  3. Retracing the previous 25 days of the infected and people in contact;
  4. Making sure the quarantined stay indoors;
  5. Scheduling the safe flow of people in supermarkets and public transport to avoid crowds during critical times;
  6. Political will to land a crash project with fast decision-making speed.

Moreover, national mobile operators should make their data available to the competent authorities. It will help to calculate people’s density and track movements. That can be achieved via apps that use satellite GPS. Simply the apps that we all have on our smartphones Рdelivery, for example!

Forewarned is forearmed

In THINGS, we didn’t want to stand apart. That is why we have decided to take up the challenge launched by the Ministry for Technology Innovation and Digitalization. The challenge was to offer free online information and prevention services for citizens and businesses.

With the objective to raise the spirit, we launched the website in collaboration with Purple Soft and Capsula. It is a web-app that allows the users to discover lifestyle tips. The tips explain how to deal in the best way with these days of self-isolation.

The website collects information from the podcast made by Daniela Lucini, Professor of Medicine at the University of Milan. These podcasts provide useful information under categories such as alimentation, physical activity, prevention, sleep and stress.

Our mantra to face coronavirus

While waiting for lawmakers to make appropriate decisions, it’s time for us as citizens to take the current situation of Covid-19 seriously. However, we invite you to observe this from an optimistic perspective:

We’re confident that the post-coronavirus recovery will be marked by innovation and technology, offering new opportunities for us and the community around us, respecting life in unity with the world.


Heads up, and hey, use our mantra! Repeat after me:

In innovative technology,
we trust!

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