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Hapu is an innovative and cutting-edge intelligent interactive screen designed to transform commercial environments into captivating and engaging spaces.

With content designed specifically for each individual brand, the customer journey translates into an emotional experience that connects the digital world and physical stores, which is impossible to give up.

Traditional commercial spaces often struggle to provide dynamic and immersive experiences for visitors, limiting the potential for customer engagement and brand impact. Hapu aims to address these challenges by harnessing state-of-the-art technology to create interactive and personalized experiences that elevate the overall ambiance and drive business success.


  • Service design & Experience mapping
  • Industrial¬† & Product design of the totem
  • IxD/UI of the web app
  • Visual identity


  • Visual & Interaction Designer and Product Design Owner
  • Service & Interaction designer

Design Process
The journey of creating began with a clear focus on human-centered design and user experience. We embarked on extensive research to understand the pain points and opportunities for enhancing customer interactions in commercial environments.

The design process involved iterative prototyping, testing, and refining to ensure that Hapu seamlessly blends into diverse commercial settings, from retail stores and malls to corporate offices and event spaces. We placed a strong emphasis on simplicity, intuitive navigation, and visual appeal to ensure that visitors of all ages and backgrounds can effortlessly engage with the interactive screens.

AI-powered Interactivity
At the heart of Hapu lies the integration of artificial intelligence, enabling businesses to create interactive and personalized experiences. Through advanced facial recognition, Hapu can identify and tailor content for individual visitors, making each interaction relevant and engaging. The AI-driven platform adapts to the preferences and behaviors of customers, ensuring that the displayed content resonates on a deeper level.

Approach, Play, and Win
Brands can create emotional moments, drive-to-store, and collect data, all in close proximity to their physical stores.

The collaboration between Hapu and our design team has paved the way for a dynamic future in commercial spaces. The innovative technology, coupled with our dedication to excellence, promises to revolutionize customer experiences and transform commercial environments into captivating and memorable spaces.

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