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Post Op Company


2020 - current

Post Op an AI powered digital care platform we developed together with NHS clinicians to promote clinical communication through patient engagement. This case study examines the challenges faced by healthcare providers, the solutions offered by Post Op, and the positive impact achieved through its implementation.


The platform aims to address the challenges associated with post-operativecare, such as the lack of individualized care plans, inadequate patientmonitoring, and delayed identification of wound complications.


  • Service design
  • UX ecosystem
  • IxD/UI of the mobile, web applications, and website
  • Visual & brand identity


  • Product Design Owner & Lead for Visual & Interaction Practice
  • Product Experience Designer
  • Visual & Interaction Designer
  • Service & Interaction Designer

For patients, the time surrounding surgery is often filled with anxiety and fear due to the lack of reliable access to quality postoperative care worldwide. On the other hand, clinicians face the challenge of limited time to provide thorough follow-up care. This can lead to various problems, including suboptimal patient outcomes and increased healthcare costs.

Design process

The design process for incorporating Post Op into the healthcare ecosystem involved a patient-focused approach. We conducted extensive research, including user interviews and observation sessions, to gain insights into the needs and pain points of both patients and clinicians. Based on these insights, we defined design principles that focused on simplicity, usability, and seamless integration with existing healthcare workflows.

The integration of Post Op into the healthcare system required close collaboration with healthcare providers, IT teams, and administrators. Technical considerations, such as data security, interoperability, and regulatory compliance, were carefully addressed to ensure a smooth implementation process. Tailoring the platform to meet the specific needs and requirements of diverse healthcare settings became a cornerstone of our approach.

Unyielding Evolution
The journey of Post Op is far from static. Its vision stretches beyond boundaries, as we ambitiously expand the platform to encompass additional surgical specialties, aiming to scale its impact on a global scale. Embracing the profound impact this product has in improving humanity and saving lives, we are exhilarated to be part of this transformative journey.

AI for an outstanding human experience

AI-powered technology designed to improve patient outcomes, streamline care processes, and enhance the overall efficiency of postoperative healthcare services.

The Journey just begins
As we persistently push the frontiers of healthcare innovation, Post Op stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when human-centered design converges with cutting-edge technology. With unwavering dedication, we continue to shape the design experience for Post Op, revolutionizing the way postoperative care is delivered and elevating the standard of excellence in healthcare services. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact, creating a brighter and healthier tomorrow for all.

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