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Italian Fight Wear Srl


2018 - current

In collaboration with Italian Fight Wear Srl, a leading provider of combat training solutions, we designed an intuitive application paired with sensors and a smart glove infused with advanced technology.

Combat training requires a comprehensive approach that combines physical skills, tactical strategies, and real-time performance analysis. Traditional training methods often struggle to capture and analyze vital training data, resulting in limited insights and suboptimal progress.



  • Branding
  • Product & Industrial design of the smart product
  • UX ecosystem
  • IxD/UI of the mobile app


  • Product Design Owner & Lead for Product Experience Practice
  • Visual & Interaction Designer 
  • Service & Interaction Designer

Design process
Recognizing these challenges, together with Tecne we aimed to develop a state-of-the-art solution that seamlessly integrated technology into combat training scenarios, enhancing training outcomes and performance assessment.

Our team worked closely with combat fighting experts & professionals to develop comprehensive platform that enhances training outcomes and provides real-time performance analysis. Through research and user analysis, we gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by combat training providers. With a focus on user experience and seamless integration, we designed prototypes, conducted testing, and iteratively refined the solution to ensure it met the needs of trainers and trainees.

Embracing the Spirit of Innovation
With Tecne’s commitment to providing new-age training equipment and our expertise in delivering exceptional design experiences, we successfully unlocked a new chapter in combat sports training. The result is an intuitive application, smart sensors, and a cutting-edge smart glove, all working in harmony to capture vital training data and provide real-time performance analysis.

Tecne is on a relentless quest, delivering futuristic training equipment equipped with cutting-edge technology to unlock an unparalleled chapter in combat sports training.

What sets Tecne smart gloves apart is the incorporation of state-of-the-art sensor technology directly into the underglove. These sensors are strategically placed throughout the glove’s interior to measure various aspects of the user’s hand movements and impacts. By doing so, the gloves can collect valuable data on metrics such as punch velocity, force, and technique accuracy.

Advanced sensors Lined up with 13 different sensors per hand. For the most accurate performance data

Adjustments High degree of adjustment for desired freedom or stiffness.

Exceptional Grip The specially designed contraptions provide a tight snug fit, like never before.

Protection Protection and support designed by the industry leads.

Fostering a Brighter Tomorrow
It was a truly remarkable collaboration, and we are confident that Tecne will have an explosive impact on the future of combat sports. With our collective dedication to innovation and excellence, we believe that Tecne’s cutting-edge solutions will continue to propel combat training to new heights, empowering athletes and enthusiasts alike to achieve their full potential. Here’s to an extraordinary future filled with triumphs and breakthroughs!

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